Corinne & Rudy—“Who Rescued Who?”z

In 2005, I took a five year sabbatical from my career as an international flight attendant to pursue a more creative, balanced life. The best thing about “coming in for a landing” was that I could finally take those painting classes I’d always talked about, and I could get a dog.

I made numerous trips to Utah Friends of Animals’ “Furburbia” adoption center looking for a four-legged companion that “spoke” to me. Rudy (formerly known as Bob) was skinny, scarred and a bit unruly after being abused, then spending about three years shuttling between various shelters and foster homes. He wasn’t my first choice (or my second), but the knowledgeable staff convinced me to give him a chance, and I took him home on a “trial.” We’ve been fast friends ever since.

When I began painting Rudy, I’d find myself giggling while sitting at the easel, and I slowly gained confidence with my art. My first self-published book, The Tao Rudy, earned Independent Publishers’ Bronze “IPPY” Award for “Most Outstanding Book Design” and also received “Honorable Mention” from Foreword Reviews Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards. The sequel, SHOOT FOR THE MOON, Lessons on Life from a Dog Named Rudy, was released in May 2011 by Chronicle Books.

Rudy is a gem, a Diamond in the “Ruff.” He inspires me, makes me laugh, stretches my patience and brings me much JOY! Rudy has also taught me many things, and I’d like to share his canine wisdom through our paintings, limited edition prints, books and greeting cards. Check our gallery to see the latest images!

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